Sunday, 10 August 2014

What's Happening today.....

Raksha bandhan

I have no idea about the story behind the day. But what I do know is I am terribly excited, as I am getting a sister today. Oh yea!

We are going to meet somewhere in the city where I live (Chennai). She is a senior to me in college( I am doing my MBA), But younger to me by age. Let's refer to her as Lucy. She will be there with some other friends too. It all starts with her applying a Tilak on my head (apologies if I am wrong with the names or the process, I am just writing about what I think is going to happen). Then she will keep 2 grains of rice right on the Tilak and then here is the best part, She will be giving me an amazing Indian sweet and I ll have to give her a gift or cash ( Gifting her). And we are brother and sister for life

I have always wanted a sister, what can I say even my younger cousins are all guys (which is a perk at times). Oh my, I completely forgot about the Rakhi ( Sorry I'm overexcited). Somewhere in the process (I will update later) she ties a Rakhi on my hand bonding us together forever. 

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