Friday, 24 April 2015

First Love(Atleast I thought it was): Part 2

It had been two days since Sam had coming running to me, And I had spent every waking hour thinking of who the girl might be. The worst part were that the classes were still happening.

I had this friend Antony whose house was near mine and we would go to school together in our own cycles. He was shy when it came to almost about everything. So I found it very hard to digest when he suddenly said " Bro, I like this girl. I have seen her a lot of times when she used to cross us in her auto, she had this beautiful smile on her face when she sees me, I think she likes me too"
Still in shock I asked him "Do you know her name?", "No Tom, But I do know where she lives" he said. I could see a huge excitement on his face and I could also understand that I am the first one he has told.

Finding out that a friend of mine being in love was great, Also served my purpose now as I wont be alone if I were to search for this girl named Steffi. "We will find out who she is dude don't you worry. First we have to find her name, Show me her house in the evening after class and we will ask around for her name" I said

So after school as always we were riding our cycles on our way home and remembered about the girl and redirected ourselves to cross her house before reaching to our homes. we were half way there when an auto crossed us and Antony shouted to me " Dude that is her in the auto, see she is smiling".
I couldn't see her face clearly but did see her smiling at us. So we rode faster and in another two minutes my friend signaled "Two houses down the road to your left the one with yellow paint is hers".

We were crossing her house when we realized that she had not gone into her house yet and I saw her.
Yes she was beautiful like Antony had described her to be. She was wearing the uniform of the rival girls school who have their campus just diagonally opposite ours. Little Flower was its name.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Elven Fable: Akira

Here is the first chapter of a novel I am writing hope you people like it, Please do provide feedback as that is the only thing that can encourage me to write further

It was a bad day for John today as he had to shut down his mobile burger joint early as it rained heavily. One minute it was bright and sunny with a queue waiting to get his infamous jungle burger and the next it started pouring so fast that he was too wet before he closed down the windows. He hadn’t sold even twenty percent of his daily burgers now that most are wet he will have to throw them away.
He was in a sultry mood when he reached home. It was just 12 at noon but it had darkened down to look like it was midnight. He parked the van in the dusty old garage and looked at his house. It has been ten years since his wife left him during a camping accident along with their son, The police never found the bodies, He lost all purpose to live. An investment banker then, quit it all off to sell burgers just to make a livelihood and he excelled at it too.
It would usually be a dull evening with a corona in hand and some country songs in the background, but it was not time yet.  Thinking of ways to pass time he looked into his once beautiful home and he heard a tune coming from inside. Though he has got off his career he never got off his habits and was quite sharp at everything he did and he remembered turning off the music even before having his breakfast as usual. “Maybe I am getting old” he told himself. Then he noticed it was not his regular country songs it sounded like a rock song and as he climbed the stairs he heard it clearly
“I’m on a highway to hell….. Highway to hell”
He never had this song in his MP3 player. He was worried now, there must be someone inside the house he thought. He darted straight for a baseball bat that was lying nearby. Clutching it tight and shaking he got on to the top stair and touched the knob on the door and muttered to himself
“Ready, 1, 2…” and before he could say 3 the music stopped. He rushed in too and it was empty as he left it and he walked in to the hall to check out the music player. It was still attached to the speakers but was off. He turned it on and searched for the track but there was nothing new.
He just went on around the house to check for any sign of intruders and found none. He decided to drop the bat and go along with his beer a little earlier today. As he sat down after changing up with a beer in his hand he thought to himself “I have been alone for so long that maybe I have started imagining things”.
Being worried about his sanity he called up his long-time friend Vince “Hey Vince what’s up with you? Listen I got off early. Fancy a drink?” They decided to meet up at the Bay Pub for a drink.
“It’s been a while” John said looking into the mirror thinking about Elizabeth or Lizzie as he called her. She was the one and only woman he had ever been with. Their relationship was not a bed full of roses it was quite the opposite.
It was about fifteen years back while he was still working with a bank. He remembers that day very well for it changed his life forever. It was a coffee break and his friends were teasing him “Not a single one really man?” It was Vince who started it off. “You really gotta set your priorities man” joined in Barney.
They were John’s closest aides at work, besides John and Vince have been friends since first grade.
“I’m not interested in ladies at the moment, can’t you guys let it go?” replied John. But they weren’t letting it go, not today. “Don’t say that, people might think you are GAY!!” they said aloud laughing. Quite a lot of people turned their heads disapprovingly.
“I’m not saying am gay, it’s just that I want to get to a better position before I get into a relationship. What’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing, Let us hope you find yourself a good grandma when you have gotten a solid career” sniggered the two.
“Oh! Come on guys it’s not funny”
“Alright! Alright! Fun apart let’s go out for a drink tonight after work and let’s see what scope our friend here possess, How about that?” Vince said pointing to John.
“Oh no I got work tomorrow I can’t come” John replied.
Six Hours later, they were sitting in a bar downing cheap whiskey. “Are we in a bar at all? I don’t see any chicks” said Barney angrily hitting the table.
“Be patient my young Jedi, You are not going home alone tonight” said Vince looking at John who was getting nervous.
And if god had heard his words a group of five women rushed into the bar and sat at a far off table and started chatting merrily ordering vodkas.
“I need to go to the restroom” John said breaking the silence that was created as the women entered. They just dismissed him with a wave of hand and kept on staring and finally when John got up and started walking Barney yelled out behind him “There is no exit near the restroom so don’t search for one” as if reading Johns mind. One of the women turned around and giggled.
Five minutes later John walked back in to see two heavy bouncers pushing his friends onto the streets. And the women all had a disgusting expression on their face. “Oh damn not again” He muttered and walked out hiding his face with his blazer.
Once outside “What on hell did you guys do this time?” He asked them.
“Excuse me!” someone said behind him. John turned around to see a woman who was a part of the group standing there.
“Ya? Whatever they did I am just sorry so could you just let it go in and have a fun time?” John said.
The woman just replied “I just came to say It was cute, you hiding your face while running out” she had a smile about her face that was intoxicating John noticed.
“Oh! I’m John and I wasn’t running” He replied to which she just sniggered and said “Yes you were”.
“I was wondering if you would like to…” she was saying when John interrupted “I wasn’t running and I will show you what I exactly did in there” and just walked away. She stood there shocked on being turned down so bluntly.
Barney and Vince were equally shocked. “He is not in his right mind. How about one of us?” Barney asked. She just turned around and went in without replying.
They started running to catch hold of John he hadn’t gone far.
“What’s wrong with you dude? That was a 12 on a 10 scale and you just turned her down?” Barney shouted.
“I’m feeling sleepy, I got some whiskey at home you guys want to come?” John asked.
They just felt there was no point in talking to him as he was too drunk. “Why are you looking so happy?” asked Vince as he saw Barney smile.
“I just want to see the reaction on John’s face when he sees the hottie on Monday.” He replied.
“Why would they meet at all after this?” Vince asked.
“I saw her id, she works at our firm. Must be a new joinee” replied Barney with a laugh.

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