Monday, 11 August 2014

FIrst Love (Atleast I thought it was) : Prologue

I don’t understand why, However hard I try, I keep falling back into something I always am bad at… Love. I have been trying to call almost everybody I know so that I can talk to them… cry out to someone about how I feel but again I cannot find one soul who can give me the time... 

 It’s so hard living like this. With so much sadness in heart but no one to talk to. I am writing this out to you my dear reader in hopes that at least in this way I could find solace that someone is listening. And you don't have to worry the sad part is right at the end. Its all fun till then.

 I live in a quite popular town in the state of Tamilnadu. I am sure you guys will get bored if I were to write about my Primary schooling. So I will cut right to the chase.  

 I have never been a guy who liked girls up until 10th grade maybe because of my Primary schooling where the staffs were predominantly ladies and they gave importance to girls more than boys. But my perception completely changed when I met her.
Thinking back I didn’t even meet her at all… It all started with Sam (Of course names are changed) from my grade coming to talk to me that day… Oh boy do I wish he hadn’t said anything.


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  2. Awesome !! waiting for further updates !!


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