Sunday, 10 August 2014

Just another Intro

I know People would say " Its just another f*** blog", Do I care?

Friends always tell me "you should blog man!!" But I never did understand what they found special in my life worth sharing. So I started writing about my life, Holy s*** There is so much to talk about. But then I will have to cutback on some stuff, as It will not be appropriate (I do not want to die young). 

Like in most of the books based on original stories we will have the names replaced, So don't go about searching for the people in the blog. It is just to hide all those embarrassing moments and also to make sure some identities stay hidden. I know that it will be unfair to some friends, Who were there through thick and thin and I wish I could show the world how amazing and special they are to me.

Starting this ride hoping you dont throw tomatoes and rotten eggs at me while I take you through my life...

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