Friday, 24 April 2015

First Love(Atleast I thought it was): Part 2

It had been two days since Sam had coming running to me, And I had spent every waking hour thinking of who the girl might be. The worst part were that the classes were still happening.

I had this friend Antony whose house was near mine and we would go to school together in our own cycles. He was shy when it came to almost about everything. So I found it very hard to digest when he suddenly said " Bro, I like this girl. I have seen her a lot of times when she used to cross us in her auto, she had this beautiful smile on her face when she sees me, I think she likes me too"
Still in shock I asked him "Do you know her name?", "No Tom, But I do know where she lives" he said. I could see a huge excitement on his face and I could also understand that I am the first one he has told.

Finding out that a friend of mine being in love was great, Also served my purpose now as I wont be alone if I were to search for this girl named Steffi. "We will find out who she is dude don't you worry. First we have to find her name, Show me her house in the evening after class and we will ask around for her name" I said

So after school as always we were riding our cycles on our way home and remembered about the girl and redirected ourselves to cross her house before reaching to our homes. we were half way there when an auto crossed us and Antony shouted to me " Dude that is her in the auto, see she is smiling".
I couldn't see her face clearly but did see her smiling at us. So we rode faster and in another two minutes my friend signaled "Two houses down the road to your left the one with yellow paint is hers".

We were crossing her house when we realized that she had not gone into her house yet and I saw her.
Yes she was beautiful like Antony had described her to be. She was wearing the uniform of the rival girls school who have their campus just diagonally opposite ours. Little Flower was its name.

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